SAYÉS' nature begins in the milieu of everyday existence, appreciating and celebrating the tactility, aesthetics and genius of ordinary objects and their contrasting materials. We believe that the real charm is attained when mundane things are presented to the mind in an unusual way.

SAYÉS is defined by attention to detail and inspired by contemporary culture in every sense; curated urban expressions, art and architecture. Holding a genuine desire to create functional designs of uncompromising quality, we develop pieces with a timeless perspective, yet distinctly unique, to be lived in and made to last accompanying you everyday to elevate your laid back look.

SAYÉS offers canvas fabrics balanced with premium calf leather featuring remarkable and mostly conrast coloured stitching. Handcrafted by the finest artisans creating ideal sized and vibrantly colored bags; SAYÉS is a perfect blend of modern twists and playfulness.


We take our time with each and every one of our products. We spend as much time as is needed to make every single one of our items by hand. Using mass production tools would save a lot of time, but taking time to discuss every part of the process, each piece is handmade with patience, consideration and experimentation.

We believe that our main responsibility is to create desirable items that our consumers value and can enjoy for a long time. As a result, the starting point of our sustainability ambition is that we want to be proud of our products - how they look, their quality and how they are made and used. In other words, the most sustainable bag is the one you already own, so buying handcrafted bags and using them for as long as possible is the simplest yet most impactful way to reduce your environmental footprint on our planet.